Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kelly Clarkson review of leaked song's

Over this past weekend dealing with the lingering depression of having my identity stolen, yeah, sorry still can't let that go, getting another year older, which doesn't bother me except for the week before my birthday and then the week after and then I'm fine, and then being left alone after family leaves. I needed something to cheer myself up and early Sunday morning it came though the powerful sounds of The Lady Clarkson and some leaked new material from one of the greatest powerbelters ever! Ms. Kelly Clarkson, who besides being, so much more then the original American Idol winner is also one of the few artists who is able to transcend the style of music with just her voice alone. Doubt me if you will, but think about it, there are a lot of people who hate American Idol but still love Kelly Clarkson. There are people who will mock all the achievements from anyone connected to Idol but will still say that Idol found its one true superstar on the first season.

I will always have a special place in my heart for the following Idol women: Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, Carly Smithson, Allison Iraheta, Crystal Bowersox, and Haley Reinhart but none of them will ever equal my love for The Lady Clarkson as I like to name her because she is simply fantastic. I even went as far as to join the Kelly Clarkson fan club to show my love for her, well that and they also offered premium seats for her concerts and I got to tell everyone I am a member of the Kelly Clarkson fan club. Which surprisingly doesn't get you the dates that you'd expect it too and allows many people to mock a thirty something just because he dares show his love for Ms. Kelly Clarkson.

Anyhoo, in the midst of my weekend depression, not to be confused with my weekday depression, they are in separate categories of course I found “unreleased” tracks that are supposedly going on Kelly's fifth studio disc. I have heard that in the past when her songs have leaked they are instantly removed from consideration from her album, however I hope that with some of these that thought is reconsidered as both the song and her delivery deserve a professional release. I'm not going to include links to these songs as you can find them with a little help from google but I will review them as they were leaked.

Dumb + Dumb = You” - Yes that is the actual title of the song, and if there is anyone in music today that can sell a title like that it's Kelly Clarkson. If you don't believe me just look at “My Life Would Suck Without You” too understand. From the opening guitar riffs to the moment that Kelly's voice starts off seductively and then builds, you know this is not the type of song your expecting. Like most Clarkson songs she starts with a slow burn that builds into a catchy chorus that finds the listener singing along and getting to tell off an ex when they never had the actual chance too. No one tells off an ex like Ms. Clarkson can.

I Forgive You” - The opening sounds almost have a kazoo sound to them with Kelly starting off “I forgive you, I forgive me, now when do I start feeling again” in a simple tone until the chorus bursts out with her pleading that the damage is done and they need to feel again. To describe this song is not enough, this is one where you not only have to listen to it once but several times to feel the hook, but once your hooked you can't get enough. This quiet simply could be single material from her.

Let Me Down” - With the opening strains you think you're getting a song that has been played before and then with the opening lyrics of “I think I might be a fortune teller, I read your face just like a letter, the funny thing about forever, is that it comes with a side of never never” you think you're going to get a crappy B-side song, that is until Kelly lets loose on the chorus and proves that any of her songs could be a single based purely on vocal capability. She goes further in the song building and building until she unleashes a “I Know by Know” that ranks up there with the power of her “Behind These Hazel Eyes” or “Because of You” as sheer Clarkson bombast. This is the type of song only someone with the vocal power of Kelly Clarkson could make work and she makes it work.

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger” - Starting off with a sound that reminds you of Coldplay and then going into an intro that is strictly Kelly. It has one of those you think you got the best of me, you think you got the last laugh and then unleashes into the trademark I will survive deliveries that Kelly is famous for. Gloria Gaynor had to tell us that “I will Survive” while Kelly can do it with her voice and delivery alone. She makes this into an anthem on delivery alone, she builds from the soft passages to the full out powerbelting that she is known for. The magic about Ms. Clarkson that I think is missed is that she's able to bring emotion to her voice in a way that I think is missing with most of the current singers. This could be one of those kiss off anthem songs that everyone knows only if the music bigwigs decided to release it that way.

Those were the songs that have been leaked within the past few days I'm also going to include a few songs that I've found and hope are included in her fifth studio release.

Empty Handed” – Starting off with the strains of an acoustic guitar followed by the da,da's you think you're going to get a simple song but with Ms. Clarkson any simple song starts out and then builds to a full out singalong chorus to the strains of “You took me for granted, I don't understand it, when looking for answers I came up empty handed, but don't worry about me I'm stronger then you think....” and there lays the magic of any Clarkson song. She will move on and get stronger no matter what her ex thinks and in reality isn't that we all want in life.

Tell Me a Lie” - This is a tricking type of song. The first lines of the song make you think it's a song that's decent but not a great song, that is until you hear the lines “Your Words cut like a knife...then you get further into the song until the chorus where Kelly is pleading “tell me I'm a screwed up mess, that I never listen.... Until it blasts into full power chorus, which is the area that NO ONE will ever be able to beat Kelly vocally. This is one of those songs that comes to life during the choruses but once it's alive it won't die. She sells this song all the way.

It's unclear at this point which if any of these songs will make her fifth studio disc and if history is any indication the fact that these have now been made public will decrease their chances of making it. It is a shame because these are in the context of pop music pretty good songs that is anything so off the power of Kelly's vocals and her delivery and should be included on her next studio disc. If for nothing else then as bonus tracks so we can have even more unreleased tracks to go along with these leaked tracks.

As a side note I do have to mention Kelly's killer version of the White Stripes song “Seven Nation Army” that she performed at an event for Coca Cola earlier this summer. She starts off with simple jazz tones that makes the non-Clarkson fans think the song is too big for her, and that's where she unleashes the vocal beast that we love her for. She builds the song until she's belting up a storm and is simply is a vocal powerhouse that can't be bettered by anyone.


Anonymous said...

I loved the review of Kelly's songs. I am a huge crazed fan of hers. I guess a bit obsessed. It is a great idea for her label to include some or all of the leaked songs on the album as extra songs so we can enjoy all of her hard work. The leaks would sound even more amazing finished. I love and respect Ms. Clarkson and hope they release new music from her soon! Nobody has a voice like this woman. She is really something very special. An amazing gift.

Chase said...

Empty Handed was a My December demo. Probably one of the 60 she wrote for the record.

Anonymous said...

Nice! My sentiments exactly on her voice. I personally have not listened to leaks, although temptation keeps calling me. Just a personal choice. I can't wait to get her new music in my hands! For me, it doesn't matter what she sings just as long as she does. Hope you don't mind me sharing this on twitter.