Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You're Still the One the Top 6 sing the music of Shania Twain

This year on American Idol instead of getting the typical Country Night theme that we all knew was coming (followed by Movie Themes (Bon Jovi is booked for that one) and I bet they'll be a standards, and probably a year they were born. Which if there is a God I hope they don't do. It's always so depressing when the young high school students are singing songs that you danced to at your prom or sadly even for some at a frat party.

Tonight's theme is the Music of Shania Twain. Who I must confess do not know a lot of her music. I know the major hits from her "Come on Over" album that everyone else does but outside of that I don't know her catalogue that well. I've also always thought that she wasn't the strongest singers and I tend to like my belters more. Though this was the perfect year for her music to be sung on Idol since these aren't the strongest ones they've had. I did listen to the songs I knew they were doing before the show when I saw the spoilers and I got excited and sat myself down for a treat tonight.

Ryan introduces the singers as how they are cast in this years theme and when he gets to Casey I thought he was going to say Jesus. His hair was SO pretty. I couldn't get over it. I had a Kara moment and felt dirty afterwards.

Lee Dewyze – "You’re Still the One" – I loved how Lee started this song. He's a little pitchy but it's right for the moment. He goes into the bridge and that when he has some major problems and sounds like he's shouting the song and not even on pitch. He finishes the song well though. I think Lee in a studio with the help of autotune is going to be his money maker. It feels like the judges are trying to make us think he has a personality but as soon as they gave his numbers I thought he looked like he was afraid of passing gas.

Mike Lynche – "It Only Hurts When I Breath" – I love that in Mike's video package he still can't act sincere. Though I was proud of him for not holding fingers out, pumping his chest or doing that thing he does with his lips during the video package. I have to say I thought this wonderful. He had one off note in the entire song but the vibrato tone that was though most of the song sounded absolutely beautiful.

Casey James – "Don’t" – After being in the bottom two last week I had a feeling Casey was going to be sentimental guy this week. I don't think he has a special voice but I think that he's still got the goods. I have to say it's a great performance that even I'm not too dazzled by the camera close ups with the light shinning off his hair. Kind of like Jesus? I'm not sure if this was better then his "Jealous Guy" performance but it's up there.

Crystal Bowersox – "No One Needs to Know Right Now" – I thought that this was a wonderful performance and probably the best vocal I've heard from Crystal. She used high notes I didn't even think she had. This was a lower key type of performance and in a Crystal concert would work perfectly but the judges have a mind set of what they wanted to hear from her.

Aaron Kelly – "It’s in the Way You Love Me" – It seems like this is the season of the shaky starts. Aaron started the song nervously but at one point he moved into it and I thought the ending of the song was very strong. I thought that the Mom bit was a mushy but I think he finally got Country Night and was able to do it well.

Siobhan Magnus – "Any Man of Mine" – Siobhan is another one I think has a problem with the start of the song. She always sounded breathy and like she trying to find the note. I think this was a fun performance that will make her popular with the outsiders and those last notes were thrilling. I always say if you have that stuff to use then use it as much as you can because you won't be able to forever.

I have to say like Lennon & McCarthy this was a great night for Idol. I think they do better with the low-key theme nights and hope they do more of them because it really makes these kids shine for a change. My thought on the bottom three are going to be Mike Lynch, Lee Dewyze, and possibly Siobhan or Casey. At this point I think it's fan bases but little Aaron Kelly confession of who he as singing the song to his Mother is going to get massive votes. I'm not sure with Crystal being safe or the bottom three only because I don't know if singing a song wanting your boyfriend to marry you when you have a baby might bother some people.

My pick for the best person of the night goes to Siobhan Magnus for those last notes she hit in her song. If by watching my Kelly Clarkson "Natural Woman" Idol performance 7 million times has taught me anything. Is those are the kind of notes you hit once and then after the show is over with you just belt them a key lower.


Marylou said...

Hi Steve Thank you for your reviews on Idol. I look forward to them. Marylou Brashler (Kevin's friend).
I am a Crystal/Lee fan, so far my votes have went to Crystal.

MusicFan said...

I am holding my breath until I get another update from you!!!

So you'd better hurry up...