Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TOP 5 Sing Frand Sinatra: They did it their Way---Why????

You know it's a lackluster season when at 12:27 you just start typing your review of tonight's show. Actually it's not like I couldn't have written the review a few days ago. Heck I even predicted last week that they would be doing standards soon. Wait, I'm sorry not Standards but "Songs from the Frank Sinatra collection" otherwise known as, he must have a CD out soon.

I then went and did some work which was yet another sad thought. I would prefer doing actual work then watch four guys devoid of life and personality and one really good performer. What was worse was the fear of knowing that most of the musical vocabulary consisted of songs that were either played at your local elevator or would be better served with a bowel of peanuts and lots of beers. I was really worried that they would be out of their comfort (????) zone tonight and sing songs that require rhythm, melody, more interpretation that a fist bump, and a huge level of staying on pitch. I was also scared when I heard that they weren't allowed to play an instrument tonight. I felt like that was cutting of those poor musicians arms which in turn, I would have gladly offered my ears to be cut off. Actually with the amount of bad singing this season maybe I should have had my ears cut off since January.

I was glad to see Harry Connick Jr. really going out and helping the kids with arrangements, accompanying them, humor to get them at ease and if he then happen to be able to get a bunch of screen time then all win. So on with the show. Now I've seen the list that they were allowed to pick from and regardless of the performance I will still throw out the song I fell he/she should have sang tonight.

Aaron Kelly – "Fly Me to the Moon" From the start of this I could tell it was doomed. He was pitchy, looked uncomfortable, and turned on the same generic pop gestures he does in every song. I could tell when he was going to move and when he was going to pull the one arm back and he took out the coolness of the song and that's what this song is all about. I know he want's to be country boy and I've even heard that he a "high school student" but he should have picked something youthful and fun like "Somethin' Stupid" which he could have fun with and not try to sound like he was singing for his deaf grandfather (the lucky one.)

Casey James – "Blue Skies" – Must be some friend who didn't know that Casey was on American Idol. I wonder though if that's going to cost him votes because it seemed like he was knocking the show. Maybe I've just seen too many conspiracy theory movies? However to add to that last theory I think thanks to this performance this will be Casey's last week. He looked like he was forced to sing this song and looked excited when he finished it. He sounded like he had more pitch problems then Lee and that's never a good sign. I guess in Casey's world we either get the rock band bar type of performance or the sensitive acoustic guy. The problem is the audience doesn't seem to car for rock band performance and at this stage I think it could be fatale. It's sad because my choice would have been "As Time Goes By" or "You Do Something to Me."

Crystal Bowersox – "Summer Wind" – The first thing that I know is on everyone's mind is Crystal looks incredible tonight. A much better look then last weeks magenta attack. I love that she starts he song sitting at the piano with Harry because it gives it a whimsical feel to it. The only problem though is due to the constraints of the gown Crystal is not able to get there fast enough so she starts behind the music and I think she's thrown off. I think by the middle and end she's Crystal again. I love the song however it's not a wow type of song and with the show pushing Lee, Crystal really needs to put a little bit of diva in her performance and songs. I think she would have killed on "My Funny Valentine", "I've Got a Crush on You", or even "One for My Baby" (that would have been perfect!)

Mike Lynche – "The Way You Look Tonight" – I have to hand it to Mike. He knows what he wants and he'll play by all the rules in hope of getting there. I had a strong feeling he was going to do this song and even look that particular way, though he could have also just as easily scored with "My Funny Valentine," or "I've Got You Under my Skin". Though it's funny because Mike has swagger to spare, even too much and could have easily done Aaron's song. I think he's playing the safest game but also the smartest. He sounded great and let his voice just flow all over that song. I hate to say this but I think he's safe this week.

I love right before they cut to commercial they show Lee DeWyze and he still can't look natural. He looks like he's going into a courtroom.

Lee DeWyze – "That’s Life" – I almost wondered if Harry steered Lee to this song because he sounds great and is more relaxed then I've EVER seen him. I think he benefits by being right next to someone so the attention isn't entirely focused on him. He then moves away and he comes to life. It's like he finally achieved some confidence. Sure it took top 5 and it was for one forty five seconds but those are all quips. His tone works beautifully for this type of music but that was a no-brainer. There is a moment where it seemed everyone got lost including he band but it was a decent performance. I think it was a great song choice though I would have really liked him to sing "My Kind of Town" vocally and I think it would have been in the right direction of a challenge for him to see the song.

Okay after hearing the judges when Lee was done you would have thought he was the second coming. You know I get the appeal and why the judges love Lee. He's young, mid-west all American boy, non-threatening rebel, straight guitar player that looks like he's got that indi vibe with a similar to very popular, very rich, and very generic Creed. All the bad notes that are ALWAYS there can easily be auto tuned and in the right lighting in a music video he'll look better and at least 10lbs thinner. The problem is the man has NO PERSONALITY!!!!!!!! Interviews with him will be like teeth pulled. I know I've said this before but he stands there like he's up against the wall in a tense moment and he has to pass gas. However I'm starting to get the feeling it's him, Crystal and possibly Aaron Kelly final three.

With that said my pick for the bottom two will be Casey James, and high school Student Aaron Kelly and I think Casey James will be able to play in that mediocre, off the highway bar with coupons on the all you can eat buffet.

I will give this weeks top picture to Mike Lynch. Mike you should be proud of yourself. You sang on key, stayed awake on stage, picked a good song, dressed the part tonight (though the fedora couldn't have been more predictable.) I was equally impressed and proud of the lack of finger pointing, chest pounding, lips puffed, and smug looks on his face and I thought his wife appeared slightly less annoying tonight. At least keep up the good work this week and then you can go.

On Wednesdays show we get to see Harry Connick show everyone how it's done and we're going to get an extra special performance from someone who has nothing to do with Sinatra but it's Lady Gaga and this probably was the only night she was free. Wouldn't it have been AMAZING if this weeks theme had been GaGa instead. I'm sure with this group it would have been a massacre but at least it would have been like driving by a crash site.



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