Friday, October 29, 2010

Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean new single

"I haven't typed anything in a while, wow, that almost felt like I was saying it in the middle of an empty football field alone" this past week the a new Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson duet was leaked called "Don't You Want to Stay." It starts out with Jason Aldean pleading in a soft country sound and then is overtaken by the vocal magic of Kelly Clarkson. Kelly builds her vocal lines from pleading for her lover to stay to full throttle power belting reminding us why she is not only the greatest American Idol contestant ever but she even transcends the show with her voice. It's funny that with this, her duet version of "Because of You" with Reba McEntire and her almost involvement in the Rascall Flatts hit "What Hurts the Most." Kelly was supposed to recorded it with them but due to scheduling conflicts was only able to appear singing it on one of the Country Music Award shows. Since this is a Jason Aldean song I would like to talk about what he contributes to the song. His voice has a nice country sound to it and he's able to attempt to match Kelly in vocal power but Kelly is the type of performer who looks like you're typical Walgreen clerk who can is a superstar and that's why no one can touch her vocally. She throws in high passages like they're nothing and puts more emotion in a song with a lesser voice could have been a joke. I love how she can throw emotion and power into every Yay...yay. Which is not easy to do. Recently I've heard a lot of demos from her that have left me wondering where she's going and the sad attacks on her image have made me worried for her career but Kelly Clarkson is American Idol so I have nothing to worry about. She is a normal everyday girl who is lovable, fun, not Barbie thin but has the greatest voice in pop music today. Listen below.


MusicFan said...

Nice to have you back!

Jules said...

I do have to agree that Kelly is by far the best singer that has come out of that show. And I really do not care what she looks like her voice is wonderful. My daughter and I were driving home and Because of you came on and I can't believe how beautiful her voice sounded. I do have to say though that sometimes I do like a playful song by her, as opposed to all the drama. I will always listen to her because she has a different sound and she is not trying to be like everyone else. Keep Rocking Kelly!!!!!