Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Joy of Eliza Doolittle...........

Elisa Doolittle for those who may not know is one of the new rising English singer song writers currently out there with the cleverly titled "Rollerblades," "Skinny Jeans," and smah "Pack Up." Imagine Lily Allen without the imposed drama. She also has a connection to the musical theater where her parents are John Caird and the original Tony Award winning Eponine Frances Ruffelle. I recently heard her cover of Cee Lo's F**** You, which I did like. I understand how the song might offend people but first did they expect anyone to be surprised by a man who had a hand in the song "Roses Smell....." also there was a time hen damn and hell were words that were deemed controversial. It cold be hard for me to be shocked by those lyrics as coming from muisical theater those words are used common to express emotion. Which was is the best use for F*** You in a song? :)


F*** You

Pack Up

Enjoy. I think tonight or tomorrow I'll talk about being selfhish or another Diva (Rock, Broadway) something else.

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