Sunday, December 19, 2010

"About my blog"

Sorry I thought this was needed after I noticed I posted clips on a certain Diva, a Theater review, a solo pop disc (tpugh I'm lso planning o Broadway vocalist and een past things that Have happened befre I started this.) And will plan on continue talking about films, awards, television, (Idol is coming back soon an X- Factor), performers, and performances. I don't want anyone to think that its limited to one thing. How do you say a great comedic performance is not equal to a great dramatic performance and so forth.....

So my blog is not about one thing. I want to make this about everything. Life and the arts are so fluid, like water. To sing, or act means you can perform the stage, which means you can act in television, which means you can do also do film. I'm not saying that's these are in order of doing things and I've seen people who excel at a field and bomb at another other but it's all moving. Watching a performance, reading, listening to a song, or watching something on television can bring a connection to you and others that isn't possible.


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