Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Post for 2011

Sorry was a way for a few days dealing with some issues so on this final day of 2010 (Thank God.) I'm going to be doing some catching up on posts about a bunch of things. Think of it as ADD for blog's.

First I was not able to see the Mary Robin Roth in Light Opera Works production of Hello, Dolly! however have heard from many people that it was wonderful and she was wonderful in the role. Having seen her in other comedic roles I'm sure she was wonderful in the role.

In other news: I hope everyone saw the Kennedy Center Honor's on CBS Tuesday night. First to be mentioned is Academy Award and Grammy winning not to mention Chicago favorite Jennifer Hudson who performed a truly emotional and vocally powerful rendition of "The Color Purples" best song "I Was Here" A performance I actually watched several times. It's interesting that both Jennifer and her fellow American Idol contestant Fantasia both performed this same song and have given truly incredible performances of it that I would argue are better then Broadway's own LaChanze who originated the role.

You can watch the video here.

As Jennifer sang, Oprah grasped partner Stedman Graham’s hands. A choir joined Jennifer on stage, and Jennifer's voice powered though the song like only she can after they finished, the crowd of luminaries, including President and First Lady Obama, were on their feet.

Another of this years honorees was legendary Broadway Composer Jerry Herman which had a strangely edited version of some of his classic and overdone songs performed by some of the overdone stars of them. We started off first with Kelsey Grammer doing some lines from La Cage aux Folles, then a Carol Channing mannequin stood on stage bellowing out two lines of Hello, Dolly!, they then had Matthew Morrison performing :"It's Today" from "Mame" proving his dancing and charisma far exceed his singing. They then had the two Christine's, doesn't that sound like a movie title? Actually it's Christine Ebersole and Christine Baranski performing a very short version of "Bosom Buddies" from "Mame" then the stunning Laura Benanti performed his classic "Time Heals Everything" from "Mack and Mabel." I love Laura she looked stunning, and I liked how she dedicated some of the verses to Mr. Herman I'm just used to this song done more from a belter. After that Sutton Foster who looked like she escaped from a cheap production of "Sweet Charity" next Matthew Bourne and Kellie O'Hara blandly sang "It Only Takes a Moment" again "Hello, Dolly!" After that Chita Rivera another overdone Herman performer spoke "I Don't
Want to Know" from "Dear World" made a few stage movements some kids sang a few lines from "I Am What I Am" which I didn't understand why these kids were singing a song that was a Gay Anthem and then finally after 10 minutes and 40 second another Herman favorite Angela Lansbury did a few lines from "The Best of Times" from "La Cage" while proving that this was anything but. I just realized typing this took almost as long as watching it.

You can watch it here.

In other entertainment news it was announced that more changes for American Idol this year. I wonder when they're gonna drop the title of the show since it's gonna feel like a completely different show. It was reported on top Idol blog Joe's Place that they are adding a "Sing For Your Life Round". The Top 40 will be brought back to Hollywood for this round. What is unknown at for now is if this round will actually cut the top 40 down to a top 12, or 15, or 20…

What is also reported is that during this round contestants can only choose one song to sing. They can choose from the AI approved song list, pick another song, not on the list and hope that it gets approval, or they can sing AN ORIGINAL SONG. (I wonder if they try to an original if it could help or hurt them.)

Also, Joe reported earlier that three contestants will be added to the Top 12 as wild cards.

In other Idol news last season 2nd runner up Crystal Bowersox Debut Album "Farmers Daughter" 2nd Week Sales actually increased to around 96K. Now, that's probably because of the holiday weekend but for someone who wasn't expected to do that well this is great news. I will be adding a review of her disc when I can get to it but it is a great first solo disc and defintly represents Crystal as an artist so you should pick it up.

On this New Year's Eve 2010 other Idols are going to be seen on television Jennifer Hudson performs on New Years Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. ABC 10 pm, David Archuleta performs on FOX New Years Eve Live. 11 pm and Katharine McPhee appears on the All American New Years Eve show on FOX News 11 pm.

Here was Jennifer Hudson belting the heck out of her version of "Feeling Good." I love that we can always count on her getting a cover to sing as they seem to be better then most of her originals.

You Can watch it here:

Today is the end of 2010 (Thank God!!!!) This year has had so many wonderful entertainment happenings all around and some I wished that would never have happened. There are so many theatre shows, films, telvision, cabaret, discs, books, and so many other entertainment joys I'm looking forward to in 2011.

To everyone a Happy New Years Eve and a wonderful 2011!!!!

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