Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CD Review: Adam Lambert Acoustic Live! EP

So tonight I decided to listen to the entire new Adam Lambert acoustic released December 3rd. I heard a recording of "Whatya Want from Me " but didn't want to sang anything since the official release of it. If there was only a way that Dam could record all of his music live or acoustic then life would be worth living (Just kidding thank god there's J-Hud, K-Clarkson, LuPone, etc. etc. and as long as there's a diva willing to destroy her lungs life is AWAYS worth living.)

Acoustic Live! includes versions of five songs that recorded live acoustically though out his Glambert Nation tour and they were the songs that most people liked (including his Idol breakout "Mad Word." I wish that it was in all Idol contracts they had to record "their" moment number no matter what. I know most have but can you imagine a word of a studio version of Carrie Underwood'a "Alone" or Jennifer Hudson's 'Weekend in New Enland." Sorry back to Mr. Lambert and this unusual release. These seems to mostly be picked from his most popular tracks from his semi hit "For Your Entertainment", including "Whataya Want From Me," and "Music Again" which were recording while Adam was in Germany and "Aftermath" and "Soaked" from Lambert's Glam Nation tour. It also includes an acoustic version of "Mad World", which is the Idol moment song.

As always I will break down each song and then give my combine thoughts.

01. Whataya Want from Me (Live at ENE) - Oh Adam only a few weeks ago and you have Pink release this and with all due respect Pink is the type that should getting released first no matter what the song. As a secret confession I still prefer her song over Kelly Clarkson "Sober" and that's HUGE!!!!! This is a side of Mr. Lambert at a purely vocal best without showing the other idiocracies that make him special. He could and has done this in bombast in the past but for this show's why he special. He's vocally doesn't just make it his own he almost makes it into a new song.

02. Music Again (Live at Hit Radio FF) - From the opening chords to the semi-forgettable lyrics this strikes me has a song that has the most B-Side feel to it. I think this is a case where the singers gifts are able to improve a sub-par song that given to someone else wouldn't even be included on a release. What I do like is on the occasion that he breaks out that inhuman high falsettos that makes you forgives the level the mediocrity of the actual song.

03. Aftermath (Live at Glam Nation) - It takes a stripped down version of a song to realize that it' a good song enhanced bit a phenomenal singer. What I love about Adam is that he knows what to do to increase the power of the delivery of the song when he has to and he does it here without any effort. He uses his head voice with such ease and then is able to switch to his chest voice like its nothing for him finishing up with the typical star glory notes.

04. Soaked (Live at Glam Nation) - This struck me at a blatant attempt to connect him to the "Twilight" without having anything to do with it. It seemed like it was there for him to throw out some great notes and come up with lyrics that I forgot the moment I heard them.

05. Mad World (Live at Glam Nation) - I have to admit this was the song I was most thrilled to hear because who could forget his Idol performance. Putting that aside, I enjoyed the arrangement though I felt like it lost the outside feel that the original had. I have to say it must be hard since you want to come up with something new and special even though the original was the best service for you. I liked it and I appreciate it but it's one of those that just can't top a better version out there.

Everything about Mr. Lambert is odd, which I'm sure he enjoy's. He doesn't fit image wise into the pop scene and yet he does (especially when you look at acts like "Tokyo Hotel") and his voice is probably one of the finest things to come out of the music business. I think that when he hits songs worthy of his talents like "Whataya Want from Me," "If I Had You" or just about everything from his Idol run (ignoring "Born to Be Wild.") he can't be beat. He know's the bottom and top of his voice and how to use it I just wish he applied the same logic to original song choice. I still think an acoustic shows the glory of his voice better then anything else could and would recommend this to any Lambert fan. I would recommend "Whataya Want from Me" from someone looking to buy a song off of this.


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