Tuesday, March 2, 2010

03/02/10 My first post.....

Lights On!

People get nerves and cold sweats all the time. Sometimes right before a job interview. Sometimes just meeting a someone's parents for the first time. Heck, they even get them when their boss asks them to stop by their office at 8:30 in the morning. Just a meeting with him and a few coworkers and to make sure that they're in tomorrow. Which reminds me to return my bosses invite :)

I'm starting to sweat just for starting my very own blog tonight. When it comes to technology, I'm usually the guy who still doesn't have a cell-phone, i-pod, Blue Ray, drivers license (okay I digress.) The point is it takes me forever to sign up to anything on the internet. I just recently got rid of my long term relationship with Windows Millenium. It was bad. When I called Dells Tech Support for any help they would laugh and tell me they couldn't help because no one knew how to fix that system anymore. I had visions of all the IT people who handled Windows ME being put to death. I'd like to think by me keeping Window's ME for a while saved at least one over priced computer nerd from computer death.

At this point if your still here. I'm hoping to be able to write about things that I love and daily obsess over. Things that will normally put my partner George into deep sleep. If you know me expect Broadway Divas, Pop Divas, American Idol singers both past, present, and future, Kelly Clarkson, and maybe a few other things. If I can I will try to add some songs on here that I love and think everyone in the world should hear. Don't worry they're not all showtunes, at least for now. Please feel free to chime back for now :)



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Anonymous said...

Way to go Steve! That's a good picture of you by the way. I think it's time for a girl to win. They'll be fighting with nails and all to the end.