Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"We Can't Get No Satisfaction" American Idol Top 12

Yay!!! Only after 525,600 minutes we have finally gotten to our top 12. Actually with last weeks elimination I can only say that we've gotten to "a" top 12 instead of our top 12. Seriously, Alex had amazing tone, Todrick was a showman, and I have a special place in my heart (and on my CD selves) for both Lilly and Katelyn that I still can't believe they're gone. I had considered wearing black in tribute to them however I realized I was already wearing it so I decided to play "Coldplay" instead. Actually, I played "Coldpay" until I realized they were more depressing then the loss of two of my favorite singers so I just decided to watch "Sophie's Choice" to cheer myself up. Anyway, tonight we get the top 12 singing the music of the Rolling Stones who are four times older then most of the American Idols and we also get treated to video montages of why they are all depressing enough to win our votes. Seriously between parent's who've passed away, poor people who sat around the piano instead of eating dinner, parents who can't bear to watch their children perform (Hi, Mom!!), and so many others I can't tell if I'm watching American Idol or Extreme Home Makeovers. I mean come on I like my Idols to be inspirational but do I need to know that their lives have been the makings of a telethon instead of just performing on one.

With that said let's get on with the show.

Michael Lynche – "Miss You" – If I'm grading on a curve, and let's face it with the boys this year how can you not. I would say that this was decent. Mike performs much better then he can sing. It's like some men that his package is bigger then his actual goods. He uses way too much of the falsetto and tries to unleash a voice that isn't that powerful. I wish he would hold back a little, which could be hard since he doesn't have much to work with. I wish he would hold back the high notes and use a few to make it sound more impressive then trying to stretch them out which just sounds like he got kicked in the crotch. I think the other issue is the problem with this song is the chorus is more memorable then the song, so I end up remembering that part more then the vocals.

Didi Benami – "Play with Fire" – I love Didi's phrasing and her distinct vocals. Didi has a voice that has such an unique quality that's borders on a jazzy folk singer sound. I think she is going to record beautifully. Her voice reminds me of an adult Jewel with a lot more distinction. I loved the start of the song where she switches up the power and shows that she has more to her voice then we might have thought and plays around with it but still maintains the anger that's in there. I do think she gets a little caught up in the performance and loses her way with a few notes and is a little bit off on the rhythm but it wasn't extremely noticeable and didn't cripple what she did. It's funny throw in "Terrified" which is a Kat song, there's a lot about Didi that reminds me of Katharine McPhee.

Casey James – "It’s All Over Now"I could see this entire performance in a 20 seat bar on a Sunday Afternoon. Casey kept his eyes towards the guitar probably to make sure it wasn't upstaging him. Hi vocals weren't special but he would have made a room full of 20 drunk people clapping and getting into the music. I thought average was something he should aspire to be. I know he's could looking, great hair, I like his shirts, and poor guy to be hot and had to take his shirt off. Which actually means that he'll probably end up in 4th place just because he showed the top part of his money maker. I thought he was smart to play up to his audience but I think this and a few others are starting to make me think he's gonna have some major performances issues (don't we all) done the road. I think he's going to do very well for himself in Country Music once his time on Idol is over with. 5...4...3...2...

Lacey Brown – "Ruby Tuesday" - I really didn't know that 1ast season Nikki McKibben had come back to perform. I really want to like Lacy, I think the hair is cure, the eyes are stunning, she comes across as she would be sweet as apple pie in public but cut you in private and her fashion sense!!! I don't think she could ever be a serious artist because no one ever performs with that much clothes on at the same time. I can't get the thought of a cheeseburger out of my head when I hear the title. I love the strings and think it added an original freshness to the song. The issue with the song is that the rhythm of the song is very tricky and even thought it's a cute song I don't know if it's going to have a huge impact. I think Lacey's voice always seems to waken on the final notes and she has problems with that. I think she is going to be on of those artist I put in the Katy Perry, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and Nelly McKey. They all have distinct small voices that work magic and power on their original songs and usually don't ever touch covers, I think if Lacy have finds a great original song she's going to have a hit with it.

Andrew Garcia – "Gimme Shelter" – In Andrew's video montage his father mentions he liked to collect keys which made me wonder why? I then started worrying about that what he was going to use those for. This is one of my favorite songs from the Stone. I love that intensity rolled in with the Shout Away. I think Andrew was able to sum every trick he had in his arsenal but he sucked everything possible out of this song, out of this performance, out of the life and turn it into one long painful air raid. His last note actually sounded like the horn that goes off during an air raid. He was flat while shouting and think he might be in trouble. I don't understand why the judges are trying to save him and why? He hasn't has a decent performance since "Straight Up". Which last 30 seconds and wasn't like it was a great performance of an amazing song. So now I think that his true talent is making great songs sound like crap and taking crappy songs and turning them into masterpieces. I can't wait for his version of "My Humps" done Operatic.

Katie Stevens – "Wild Horses" – Kind of Creepy that Katie' brother's friends have a head shot of Katie. I wonder what they do when they're drunk? At one point in the interview our little Katiebot says that she wants to "Hopefully put "Connecticut" on the map. I had to watch that twice. I hope someone has told her that Connecticut is on the map. I think everyone knew Katie was singing this song as soon as they announced the theme. I think the bright white light gives her more character and depth. That outfit looks like she pissed off her dresser that morning and he convinced her it would make her thinner. I thought she picked a great song but sucked out the feeling and it felt overproduced. I feel like she hits the notes and probably did well in her show choir in high school but in real life she's chorus at best. She try's to hit a big note (at least for her) and it does nothing for me. I wish I could love the Katiebot but she does nothing for me.

Tim Urban – "Under My Thumb" - He is SO lucky that he is so pretty. It's funny he's going to be working a lot after all this is over with on Idol but very little of it will be for singing. I thought he tried a stupid idea of trying a different version in order to mask his many vocal flaws. The only thing it did was probably upset any Rolling Stone fans who already probably don't like Idol to begin with. At this point we all know Tim is dreamy, the hair will NOT move, he has a six pack and e probably wears a promise ring for show only. So since we know all that about him and we also know how bad he is let's just say eliminate him so we don't have to watch him anymore. I'm sure there are many hosting jobs on MTV just waiting for him to be sent home.

Siobhan Magnus – "Paint it Black" – Her family seems like "The Walton's" meet "Sid & Nancy". I always forget how pretty Siobhan is. The number starts with her on the stairs singing slightly under pitch. I love the look that she has going on and the performance is arresting due to the dramatic evening wear, make up, red lighting, and her moving around building the song powerfully. She started it a little flat but started building the song and finished up with an amazing intense end and with several inhumanly long and high couple of notes. I'm starting to wonder if Siobhan is going to win everything this year. I think that Siobhan is the Adam Lambert of the season and you will either LOVE her or hate but I have a feeling as the season progresses most of the people who hate her with change over.

Lee Dewyze – "Beast of Burden" – I ALWAYS love hearing stories about people I want to hear singing starting out not wanting anyone to watch them. It's funny when Ryan said that he heard Lee was nervous. You don't say Ryan. I really liked the arrangement he gave this song and the John Cougar Mellencamp sound that he brought to it. I still can hear a lot of problems in his vocals. I think Lee's biggest problem is he doesn't have any stage presence and I don't think that he has it in him. He's gonna be one of those people who performs in the middle of the stage with his guitar doing the bug eye thing and that's it. I think he'll doing fine until the them night is standards, or the music of Edy Gorme and that'll be his downfall.

Paige Miles – "Honky Tonk Woman" – It's good to see Paige having more fun and putting more personality in this then she did last week. I like how she's working the crowd and getting into it. I had heard that she had laryngitis and was wondering if the judges were planning on throwing her under the bus so I applaud Ellen for bringing that up. I thought it was a fun song that gave a great country vibe and maybe get some country votes. I thought vocally under the conditions she had she sounded great and I didn't feel that much cheated when she went for the big notes. Which is still pretty impressive. Also after my bitterness to Paige last week over living another day over Katelyn and Lilly I applaud her for remaining positive and turning in a good performance over laryngitis.

Aaron Kelly – "Angie" – His hair looks like Ellen's and when the camera pulls back he looks like a member of the lollypop gang. Also I'm not a fan of the sunburn he has. I'm sorry if I was "Angie" I would have locked the door and moved to another town. His "tender moments" were flat and lifeless. Every time he sang "Angie" he muffled the title so much it took some time to figure out what he was singing. It just didn't feel like it went anyway. The song started, the melody started and nothing changed. It went on for a little longer and just ended. It was one of those hat I could forget within the next 2 minutes at tops.

Crystal Bowersox – You Can’t Always Get What You Want" – Mama Sox walks out with a smile and we know just like a baby we're in good hands tonight. First this is a great song and I love the Gospel, Blues, Rock, version she's giving us. I like how she's made this a little gospel mixed in with a Janice Joplin quality to it. Crystal start's soft and starts building the song with her performance and showing an amazing voice that she doesn't really get the credit she should the only let down to the performance is that we're so used to the big finish it was kind of a let down when ended it softly. It was nice but Idol is really about the big finishes. However, this has been said by just about everyone but it's almost like Crystal is in a different league then everyone else on this show is. I've heard her original music and judging from the selections she's done on Idol I could tell in a second what type of album she would release and I think she is one that could develop a following. I think Idol might want to look at her as a long term investment instead of trying to make her something she's not. Getting back to the competition my one fear is that she's going to be that one contestant who slips though the crack this year but until then I can't wait to see what else we're gonna get.

My guess for bottom three for tonight will be Lacy Brown, Andrew Garcia, Aaron Kelly or possibly Tim Urban if it's based on talent and voice (HA HA!!!) My guess is that Andrew Garcia will be sent home on the results show for not living up to a 10 second clip of a cheesy Paula Abdul song where he will meet Paula and the two of them will start dating just for the photo op's. It will be as usual only about getting there names in the press. I also won't be surprised when we hear about them recording it as a duet. Join me again to discuss the results show, performances by Season 7 American Idol Winner David Cook (who will be performing Jumping Jack Flash), Orianthi (According to You), and the ever classy Ke$ha (Tick Tock.)

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