Sunday, March 7, 2010

Think of this as a later mission statement........

In my hope for world domination within the blogging world. I had to think of something that would make people interested in coming to my blog and enjoying my blog. I had considered accidentally releasing a sex tape like so many others but then I thought that would kill my chances of ever being on American Idol. Well, that and that I'm over the age limit as most people are prone to remind me. Most of them do it before they find out how old I am. I also didn't want this blog to be entirely about me, because inevitably is always comes around back to me. Actually this is tricky for me because I want to comment on just about everything I love and share that with many (alright just me) readers. All the worlds a stage means that whenever someone is performing either in singing, dancing, acting, I will comment on it.

I want to assure my fan that I don't plan on speaking entirely about American Idol on this blog. I will however increase my posts on the show because we are in the start of Season 9 and this being a girls year is making me excited again!! As for other features I plan on showing ranging anything from bringing stories on the top 50 best performances on Idol, the top 10 Idol finalists ever, the top 5 most successful after the show has ended and every Monday a power ranking for the top 6 and bottom four and where they currently stand in the contest based on what I assume. A friend of mine does a blog Direct2Music that is part Idol and part Billboard charts and I only hope that I can half as good as he is.

I also plan on focusing on other types of Diva's highlighting a diva and giving a description of highs and lows in her professional career and several legendary stories that have been told to me. A good friend of mine Confessions of a Chicago Theatre Addict has done this as Diva Friday and I grew up reading Andrew Gans amazing "Diva Chat" on I love reading his columns but I'm hoping to approach it in a different direction that hopefully be one that I love. I will try to do divas of just about every different media, Theater, Music, Film, Opera, Television and a few that might surprise you.

My main focus will be on female performers however if there are men that I enjoy watching in any field I will more then happily include them and rave about them. At the end of the day we are all fans of something and I can only truly what I do if I write what I love. Also any of my lists that I will post regarding top something or the other will encompass anyone regardless of gender.

As a kid and currently today I always love going though these sites hoping that I could find something like me. Someone who was into the same things I was and didn't think I was silly or whatever. I would like to hope that someone might read this blog and besides thinking that I'm highly theatrical narcissist will be able to enjoy some of these things too.

With that said please enjoy and please post. I'd love to now how many people have ready my blog even just for the bragging rights :)

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I Love IT! Love it, love it, love it.