Friday, March 12, 2010

Again What is wrong America

From what seemed like an eternity of weeks, months, years, we are finally down to the last elimination show till we get to the top 12. Then it will be every woman and road kill for themselves.

We start out the night with another lip synched performance. Its Michael Buble's "I Haven't Met You Yet." It sounds nice, intune, and something I would listen to again. You can tell there wasn't a single live performance on that at all and it was auto tune so much that I felt like I was watching Glee. I understand that every man in this year has a slight problem with pitch, tone, phrasing, rhythm, etc. etc. but couldn't they at least try to be live considering this is a SINGING competition!!!! It's not find the next Brittney Spears however, give it time.

Ryan starts the show bringing the highly emotional Didi down. He probably figured the longer she waited the better chance she'd end up having seizures from nerves. Not that they wouldn't have done that so we would have had some entertainment tonight but Ryan gave her and us the good news. She's in. YAY!!!

Next up is our quirky powerbelter, glassblower, future candidate for what not to wear Siobhan. She's safe and I scream. I don't know if I wanna live in a would without Siobhan. That is till she gives a really bad performance and I'll be forced to kick her to the curb.

Next up comes Paige and Katelyn. Now I'm nervous because I adore Katelyn but felt that she had a cheesy performance on Tuesday. I'm hoping that Paige who gave us the strangest saddest performance of "Smile" will be going home but I think that people might have vote for her out of pity. My fears are true when Katelyn and the rest f the world is given the bad news. Paige will be around for one more week.

Katelyn fighting back tears delivers a great performance of "I Feel The Earth Move." If she did this on Tuesday then she would have been safe.

Next up is the boys and we get Lee, Todrick, Tim, and Casey standing in a row. Ryan sends Casey to the stools because he was the easiest to guess, Next he tells Tim that even though he sucks and he's so bad that the judges grade him on a special curve he will grace u with his presence in the top 12.

It's down to Lee and Todrick. Lee misses most of his vocal notes and has no personality but does a current popular sound and is edgy just because he carries a guitar. Todrick butchers songs made famous by Divas and has weird fashion sense but he ca sing. So we find out that America would rather her someone miss 5 or 9 notes out of a song then see someone where black and white strips rapping to "Since You Been Gone."

I'm skipping over the Scott and Matt duet because Scott's eyes scare me (yes I know he's blind) and his voice scares me even more. I'm proud of Matt since the show he seems to have learn not to kill a song with his handy high note he put in every song thus killing it.

Ryan pulls the finale group of singers and let's Crystal (who looks like she's going to pass out) know that she is safe. So is Michael Lynch who of course has to be a pompous ham about it and Ryan has to make a joke about his size. I'm wondering when the Ruben comparisons are going to come out soon.

Lacey wearing a heart pendent is safe which is a big shocker because Lacey has had one good week and stays away from songs that require singing but she has pretty eyes so this means she's going to win. Aaron who last night was flat and over and weighs 4 lbs is told that America must have been in a different room when he sang so they voted him in the top 12.

We're down to the finale 4 and I'm scared for the guys. I just wish they both could go. Ryan breaks the news to Carol Brady I mean Alex Lambert that his unique voice, and charm can't beat Andrew Garcia's flat, lifeless performance of Genie in a Bottle. Alex takes this like a man and keeps looking down, putting hi hands in his coat and crying and refusing to leave the stage.

We come back from commercial and he's still on the stage looking at the camera like he doesn't want to leave. I'm afraid he's going to be one of those former contestants that show up for the performance shows all the time.

Next up when you have someone so original, confident, cool, and unique like Lilly up against a girl like Katie who looks like she would be the 7th understudy for Rachel in a touring production of Glee the musical. You automatically think that Lilly is safe. Wrong!!! Katie gets to bore us another week and look lost when she asks who are "The Rolling Stones" and why do we have to perform them. You just know that none of those Stones are going to be allowed within 25 feet of Katie unless there's a taser around.

So America has decided that the two guys with the best voice on Idol needed to go home and preferred girls who ended up crashing and burning on Kelly Clarkson songs should stick around longer then the talented ladies.

So American Idols official Top 12:

Didi Benami
Siobhan Magnus
Paige Miles
Crystal Bowersox
Lacey Brown
Katie Stevens
Casey James
Tim Urban
Lee Dewyze
Michael Lynche
Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia

Look for my article this weekend profiling the top 12 and then join me for our first semi look at the top 12 singing the music of The Rolling Stones." I'm hoping that there will be a miracle from now till the show and all the boys, suddenly get better, the girls are able to finally start picking better songs, and if we're really lucky 2 boys will have to drop out so we can get Katelyn and Lilly back!!!

Until then Happy Idol Obsession

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