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The Best Songs of 2009 no this is not a misprint but at least I'm not writing about American Idol tonight!!!

OKAY!!!! I already know that this is way late but istead of putting the best songs of 2009. I would put the songs I "heard" in 2009 and also I thought A.) I was giving everyone something other then American Idol (with other non Idol things to come featuring, pop culture, movies, theater, divas, oh my!!), B) I work in a company that we're still restoring things back to 01/01/2010 and everything that I have learned from watching my partner George's Star Trek episodes and any comedy that brings the space time consortium back to fill episodes. I figured you can always go back and correct the past. This does not work though when you had planned to order a chicken salad and accidentally told them tuna salad which is just disgusting and you take the tuna because you had already bitten into it. I had posted this at a good friends site that's also linked to his site. If you haven't please check it our you'll love it. Who am I kidding he get more hits then me the only reason your probably even at my site is because you clicked on my link though his site. Come on my own Mother told me she doesn't read my blog. I said it was a blog about me and my interests and she said that she really wasn't interested in that stuff. My partner George keeps forgetting to read the site but he will remember down to the exact minute I told him I'd be home for dinner. So In no particular order of songs. First I do have to say I HATE putting lists in order. I'm sure that could be psyched out to the 9th degree. I just don't want to have a "Sophie's Choice" about ranking something like "Muriels Wedding" which is worshiped over something like "The Hours" which I also worship and watch a lot to cheer myself up. However I do love to talk so expect lists from me of my top ten everything's.

So as I'm not too late but like I said I'm just retro this list so it fits. here goes: If I had to pick the best song of 2009. The best single of 2009 for me would have to be "Already Gone" from Kelly Clarkson. If you just going with the CD version it has an amazing sound which Beyonce obviously did "borrow" and released first for her ultra addictive but not as good as AG song "Halo." It's not like we don't know that Beyonce would do anything for her career and a hit song but I'm sorry Gone is a better song with a lot more emotion in it then "Halo" which is another great song too.

That's why she's the level that she is and people either hate her or love her. I think it's an original take on the typical love song where everyone always sings about how your going to miss me, I'm still hung up on you, an I remember her name in the morning. will I be able to give their name out to the doctor when I'm trying to cure that rash. Don't worry just a little joke. :) However Kelly sings the song with mostly a detached emotion that your not used to hearing in love songs till the point when she tells them she's gone and her voice starts belting. It's like she found a new life as soon as he was gone. Everyone knows I'm obsessed with Ms. Clarkson (not to the point that I need a restraining order placed on me....again :) but "Already Gone" places in the top list of the greatest Kelly Clarkson songs. I did though restrict myself to one Kelly song this year as I figured there were a few that could have made the list. I did want to spread the wealth.

"Scars" - Allison Iraheta - I know that I said that this wasn't an American Idol list but come on people I write an American Idol blog. I do listen to everything. A lot more then in high school when all it was, was Musical Theater, Broadway Divas, and Opera but I still have to have my priorities. Allison should have gotten the credit on Idol that she truly deserved. A voice like hers does not come around often. This girl is only sixteen years (now 17) old and she has one of the thickest, soulful voices in music that can belt with no problem ands a wallop of emotion in everything. Hopefully when people hear her excellent CD she'll finally be a star because she is what people like Taylor Swift, Miley, Demi, and Selena should pray to be. This song hits at the emotional center but also is entirely relate able. It's about holding on to pain and suffering of the past but don't in a way that gives the chance for Allison to sink her teeth in and show how that she really is a star.

"Poker Face"" - by Lady Gaga - Even though most of the songs seems to be from female artists that usually I tend to listen to that. I do listen to male singers but always seem to gravitate towards the ladies. It's odd posting about Gaga late in the game when she's been talked, and talked, and talked about so much. We know she's incredible, she's the future of pop, I saw her live and she puts on a HELL of a show!!! I actually think "Just Dance." is better there's something so epic bout "Poker Face" and the fact that she comes up with lyrics that normally would have you laughing but within the song it works and people LOVE to sing them. You can always tell a popular song because of how many covers you see popping up everywhere. This song the covers seemed to pop up right after the song was released and they were taking it to a new direction. I've heard this song in the original version, a strictly acoustic version, just a piano version, a polka version and heck even Broadway Diva Lea Salonga sang a version at one of her concerts. That's the mark of a great song.

"Parachute" - Cheryl Cole - The title is silly and the lyrics are okay but the music in this is the hook. Also this was a song that grew on me. If your not aware of who Cheryl Cole is get aware quickly. She is started her career in London on a reality show to find the next girl group. The group they came up with was a British group called "Girls Aloud" and they are HUGE over thee. Cheryl recorded a solo album with Will.I.Am who is featured on many of her tracks and Simon Cowell wants her desperately to come over to America to be a judge on X-Factor as she already is one in the London version. This is a great song with a hook that sticks with you and the video is stunning.

"Stop Sign"- Beyonce - I tried to make my list about songs that I figured people might not have heard as opposed to the big ones. There were a few that no matter how big need to be in my list. With all the hits that Ms. Fierce released in 2009-2010 I picked a song that she didn't even release. I loved this song because I thought it was such an amazing departure from Mrs. B. I love the acoustic feel she gives this song and switches to head voice with no issue. I usually think o her as all wonderful production but little depth. This is where I think she flipped everything around and turned in an amazing song and an amazing vocal. Interesting that both Beyonce and Oprah are talking time off from their careers soon. I wonder if Wendy Williams and Keri Hilson are counting down the seconds so that they can finally be noticed?

The other song is

"Sober" - Pink - This song put Pink in a completely different perspective to me. I know she had talent and depth from her earlier stuff this song proved she could pull out the drama and the emotions without sacrificing her most powerful vocals and still be daring and original. I included this version done at Much Music because she throws some really powerful gospel notes into the song that brings a different level to it. I have grown to LOVE Pink because of the songs she does and that she can easily switch from foot in your face tough party girl to a full throttle power belter and in this song she's able to do that and strike an emotional message.

I will post this later but this takes forever to come out.,

"We Are Golden" - Mika - When of the few men on my list and of course it would have to be Mika. This is a GREAT teenage anthem that just starts like most soft and then starts building to a point where you can't help but sing/scream along. It reminds me in a way of the music of the Who. In music like "Teenage Wasteland" and "Tommy" they were talking about the issues of a group of people and Mika does this beautifully but for current audience. It's a great song that is VERY hard to get out of your head!!!

"The Fear" - Lily Allen- This was a hard one because I think her other song "22" is just as good and could have easily been here instead but this song grabs you and won't let you go. I feel like it can speak to several generations and builds with a gorgeous rhythm to it that she lays soft but emotional lyrics on top of. I've seen all the crud about her on the gossip sites but block that out when I'm hearing her sing because I believe this song speaks more to people today then any Taylor Swift song could. She's the tough talking, trashy Taylor Swift with talent.

"Sexy Chick" also known as "Sexy Bitch" - Paloma Faith - Okay I hate and love the original song. I think there are parts you can't get out of your head and there are parts that make you cringe (some of the lyrics, Akron, etc. ) What this unique woman who I had never heard of was able to do was turn this song into a GREAT SONG. I don't quite know how to describe this but she adds a Billie Holliday sound, with a Janis Joplin performance and turns it into a Woman Power Song!!! Ifyou have not heard this PLEASE listen to it and let me know what you think?

"Dead Flowers" - Miranda Lambert - It was done to the wire between this song and "Use Sombody" from The Kings of Leon. I went with this song it builds and builds to such a powerful climax that your not sure where they're going to go at the end of the song but the song moves you. It's got an amazing vocal form Miranda Lambert that really should have been awarded this season however it does remind me of another great Faith Hill song called "Stealing Kisses". I love the Kings of Leon and if I had been doing these lists in the past would have put Sex on Fire on my list in a second. I think Use Somebody is a great song I just think it runs into a mess during the chorus. It's still a great vocal.

There are some honorable mention songs that didn't make the list (and actually have some men listed) these are songs that I listened to a lot this past year and would have loved put them on the list. They are: James Morrison & Nelly Fortado "Broken Strings," Brandi Carlile "The Story," Leann Rimes "What I Can't Change," Miley Cyrus (Yea I said it) "The Climb," Regina Spektor "Laughing With," The Black Eye Peas "Missing You," "Boom, Boom, Pow,!" Chris Cornell "Scream," Green Day "21 Guns," La Roux "Tigerlily," Jennifer Hudson "Jesus Promises Me a Home Over There," Adam Lambert "Mad World," Katy Perry "Hot & Cold," Adele "Chasing Pavements," and Will Young "Leave Right Now." I did excluded other types of music like Musical theater songs, jazz, songs only because there's no way I could come up with a list like that. It took long enough for me to get this out. I'm hoping I'll have my best of 2011 by January 1st, 2011 instead of say March.

So long...farewell...auf weidersehen goodbye...
StrevenT.Dein (STD)

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