Monday, November 8, 2010

Review of Rhinna's new solo disc LOUD but WHY?????

1. Sandm - Starts with a chorus of Come on and turns into the joys of being bad. I like that she switches from her high notes to chest without much problem. Which in the old days weren,'t as easy. I see this being a big single of the disc. She always comes across as trying to hard to be the hard rockin party girl and this is no different.

02-Whats my name (feat. drake) - I am SO the wrong person to review this music. What's a Drake? Rhinna's talent is when she finds the sound of a hook she's able to use it again without over dueing it She brings out a lot of the Caribbean expect but don't get from her into this song.

03-Cheers(drink to that) - This sounds like a sample of another song thrown until another B-Side song. It's okay but after 4 minutes you might have a hard time remembering it.

04-Fading - Starting out with a gorgeous intro that has sight hints to "Umbrella" While I don't know if this has the huge hits as her other alum I think this is the best song off the album.

05-Only Girl(in the World) - Okay I stand corrected this even though it started out as a Doritos commercial. I think this is where the music, vocal, and beat jump off the disk. It feels like she put everything into this recording.

06-California King Bed - Okay after the bombast of the last 5 songs its nice she starts out slow but grows into a rockier edge with a bit of a bite and edge to it.

07-Man down - Album filler. It feels like Rhinna wants us to over due hearing Jamaican accent.

08-Raining Men (feat. Nicki Minaj) It seems like you need someone to duet on a rap tack you call the flavor or the month Nicki Manaji Nicki;s gift is finding old songs and recording them with a current beat something that this does nothing for her. I'd say that this is the second filer song but I think I lost count.

09-Complicated - I actually even though she screams this mostly at the top of her lungs I think this is a lovely song. However with everything that has gone on should it be the wisest choice of song to include. Overall it woks and I hope she chooses it as a single.

10-Skin - This song highlights my issues with Rhinna. She wants to play that market between adult and child and on things like "Take a Bow" & "Distrubia" it works magic but this is by far two dult for her teen audience and to slight for her mature audience.

11-Love the way you lie (part II)(feat. Eminem) Hey if Alicia can do I with Empire State of Mine part II why can't she do it with this #1 smash. I think this is the most delicate her vocals have ever sounded even though it makes me feel like why bother. The ground was already covered once before.

Best Song on Album: Only Girl(in the World)Rating: C/C+

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angela said...

I have heard the young neighbor girl across the street blast that song, "Only girl in the world" about 1,000 times, and find myself singing along each time, even though I have never heard the song outside of the neighbor playing it over and over, still don't like it. I don't know but I only liked Rhianna's songs when she was more commercial and I don't believe that she is convincing me she is hardcore rocker chick. This is your sister Angela, just incase they won't let me post under my name, and make me post under unanimouis(?)