Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Award Shows but really the Kelly Clarkson & Jennifer Hudson show.

Two performances this past week on television from former American Idol contestants made me have to say something about them. These of course came in two of my top 5 greatest voices ever to be on Idol. You know a list will be coming at some point, Academy and Grammy Award winning Jennifer Hudson and my Idol Goddess Grammy Award winning Kelly Clarkson.

This past Wednesday night the 44th Annual Country Music Awards had the annual televised production on ABC. It's odd that they treat it as charming Brad Paisley and if gay men spent the night dressing Barbie. I love me some Carrie Underwood and lately she's being getting fierce with her performances. I love remembering her always looking so robotic during Idol and now she doesn't let a production number or even a dress over power her. She also plays the game well. She looks great, if not a little plastic nowadays. I used to remember her big performance move where she'd bend her arm while she sang, that made her look you or probably your sisters (right!) Barbie doll with arms that bent. I always think it's funny that everyone forgets that Miranda Lambert is a reality show star but thought both her performances were good. I don't watch the men, except for Kid Rock and only because I think he's good at crafting a good pop song for people to be dancing around at festivals. I loved Taylor Swift's production number but thought the song was sad, dull but highlighted the two notes she has, though I felt it funny she had the same expression on her face that most of us did. I have come to the conclusion that Reba McEntire only listens to the top 40 for all her songs as she's now doing Beyonce's hit "If I Were a Boy." After this and her Grammy Nominated duet of the hit song "Because of You," where even she was successful enough to make Clarkson a back-up singer on her own song. I think she has excellent taste in music but think she could have gotten more into this song and performance to the point it makes me want to see a Kelly Clarkson, Fergie, or Pink touch it. One last thing is I honestly don't believe that Sugarland is playing with a full deck of cards but my eyes will never, never forget the image of Jennifer Nettles in a white body suite.

I have to talk about the performance of the night. Jason Aldean was debut a song of his album that on the red carpet he said his going to be his new single. Which is odd since I remember Kelly saying that the next single if her new album would be a duet. So maybe the rumored Daughtry deut is true? Sorry back to Adean. He said that when it came down to who they were going to try to get it came down to Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. He starts the melchonly ballad pleading for his love and then Kelly Clarkson comes in singing a few bars, they duet holding their own and then she starts unleashing the power. They both go back into some lyrics that make me think that Faith and Tim would have turned this down 5 years ago and then both Jason and Kelly decided that who needs lyrics when you can belt the notes and that's when the beauty of this song is born!!! I like his voice but can tell that he's yelling to hold his own with her and that this is the top of strength. Ms. Clarkson is just tossing off these notes like nothing. It's like she can powerbelt and do her taxes in her head at the same time. She's not even at the top, struggling, or out of breath and I've heard her go higher and more dangerous then this before. As for her image which is my least favorite thing to talk about with her because the girl is a Pop Star, she's just the type that you would see hanging at the mall and that's normal. She just has this inhuman voice. I thought her hair looked cute, and she looked cute. I think the comeback is starting...........

Another powerbelter Jennifer Hudson performed on the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in Washington, D.C., honoring Tina Fey. I don't know why Jennifer was on but nowadays if your ever going to get anyone to do these songs together call Jennifer Hudson. The first part Jennifer has been working hard at looking amazing lately and this was no difference. This girl is doing everything she can to make sure that she will never be an Effie White and I still marvel at her class and dignity. She came out and sang this song with such fierce power and control and didn't trip one. She has all that power at her dispose and can toss it off like nothing. I also like that she's growing as a performer which is interesting and I wonder how many other formal Idols would do with more exposure? Enjoy.

P.S. As a side note I heard something in Entertainment Tonight that there might be a film version of the Pulitzer and Tony Award winning musical. "Next to Normal" a rock opera show about a family copying with someone who has a mental illness. I know it sounds bizarre but it amazing and contains some powerful music. I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up with John Cameron Mitchell if "Rabbit Hole" becomes a hit, which is could become a modest one. What about the trailer for "Rabbit Hole"? Do it not look amazing and seems to get me all the time, but I'm also the guy who cried during the trailers for "Convicition" (come on it's Hillary Swank) and "Precious" (When Mo Nique utters those words it always gets me every time.) As for the role of the mother for the film version of "Next to Normal" I'll proverbially cross my fingers that the uber talented Alice Ripley land the converted film role. Besides her Tony Nomination for the Broadway Musical "The Wild Party," the gay Connie & Carla, singing the classic "Stand By Me" and "Don't Dream it's Over in the film of "Cosi." She was supposed to play have played Bridget Jones but had to back out and then was told she was not too commercial enough to play Roxie Hart in the film of "Chicago." I have her bands "The Finish" album "Beautiful Awkward Pictures" and love the song "Look Up" on it. That hopefully will be enough for now.

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