Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gwen on Glee, Adele, and the flare-up Kesha

I don't know who's been in Gwyneth Paltrow's corner lately but they're turning the girl who was above everything into someone who's one of us. I watched her and Vince Gill get the last spot on the CMA's last wee, even over Sheryl Crowe, Marinda Lambert and Lotreeta Lynn and she did a good job. She wasn't Carrie Underwood power but I respected it. On Glee! this week besides many winning scenes including a Mary Todd Lincoln that still has me laughing she provided a great version of "Forget You" and a great Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag" and had me cheering her. I also received word from my peeps (yes I have peeps!!!!) that they liked her too and they always seem to find a way to judge our Gwenie. She's our Gwenie until a bad movie, interview or recent post of GOOP comes out and then she's back to She "Who once dated Brad Pitt but must not be named."

I give huge claps to Adele this week for her new song "Rolling in the Deep" which sounds as being one of the great bitter songs of the week if not of the year (depends on the mood.) Adele who believes that British soul singers of today should sing like the 70's black divas of yesteryear pours her soul and vocals into this song and gives it a primal sound not really associated to her previous styles. I believe her when she's belting "We could have had it all" and remember all those times too. Sorry that's for another time. If you get a chance check it out..........

I also heard the new Kesha stuff and even though I did have to bathe for an hour and a half afterwards (which happens whenever I listen to her music) I still liked it and replayed some of the songs over and over again. I still can't top listening to "Cannibal," or "C U Next Tuesday", or "We R Who We R". I have a feeling that she's going to be with us for a while or at least every six months and then after a few shots she'l be gone again.


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Kesha said...

LOL the new Kesha stuff indeed makes everyone bathe!