Monday, November 8, 2010


Coming up I'll have review's of Writer's Theater production of Jerry Brocks/Sheldon Harnick'd "She Loves Me, Reba's new recording, Kelly Clarkson's recent appearance at the Mall of America to open up one of Microsoft stores, me, my family, my joys, my DISAPOINMENTS, and so much more. Yay for me I think the jury is out but since I believe 2 people read this blog (While truthfully saying their actual names.) George my whatever he is at the moment told me that he was proud U
I wrote about Sheryl Crow but wondered why I haven't what anything since then.........................

(To add that special something I guess I needed my parents names me Steven Thomas Dein, which I have always loved but quickly realized why I could never get a Scarlet letters ever!!!!)

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