Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cheryl Cole "3 Words"

In England they have an entire world of pop singers, Robbie Williams "Angel", Take That "Patience" (one of the best Pop songs EVER!!!!), Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott, Girls Aloud, Will Young "Leave Right Now," Girls Aloud "The Promises," Florence and the Machine, Eliza Doolittle "Skinny Pants," and of course Leona Lewis. I hear this stuff and I think if nothing else this is better then the music played on U.S. radio stations. I don't know if its the hook that's the quick fix or they can construct a better song with les voice then anything else. If you ever get a chance PLEASE listen to the "original" British artists of the songs. I used to laugh at Will Young compared to Kelly Clarkson on the first season on Idol but given the right limits he's magic. Also sadly if you've heard Jessica Simpson "Angels" you know it's a great song but a serviable vocal even with her facial ticks no matter what she does she can't be better then Robbie Williams with his song. Also check out his other songs long with his other classics "Better Man." Okay Back to the subject of this post, I write this as someone who can't decribe how big she is in London. Her name is Cheryl Cole. She started out as Cheryl Tweedy a contestant on an all girl group version of a show based on Idol called "Popstars." She just made it in to a new girl group called "Girls Aloud" that would sell over millions of albums and span hits as "Sound of the Underground," "I'll Stand By You," "Walk this Way," and 2009 Best British Single "The Promise." SHE'S STUNNING (voted one of the most beautiful women in the world and she's hungery for FAME!!!! I heard she was supposed to be on the American version of X-Factor but she wasn't regonizedable to american audiences enough. PLEASE if you get a chance listen to either to "Girls Alound: "The Promises" or "Loving Kind" and you will be HOOKED!!!!! Cheryl got to know while taking a hip hop class and talked to him about about having a urban meets pop solo disc out and with that came "3Words" that resulted in such massive British hits as; Fight for this world" (her 1st Number one.) "Parachute" and many others including the stunning


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